This is an oldie I’m bringing back because of a recent turn of events.

In a nutshell: Joe Paterno was the coach of Penn State’s football team (Penn State being a state university, for the uninitiated). He was worshiped in the area because of how many championships and games his teams won. They literally built a statue of the guy on campus.

Joe Paterno was also the friend of Jerry Sandusky. Jerry Sandusky enjoyed raping young boys. When the allegations of Jerry Sandusky came out, and he was subsequently found guilty, there were allegations that Joe Paterno had known. Known and more importantly, done nothing to stop the sexual assault of young boys. Some people weakly claimed that he might not have known but as I pointed out at the time, you don’t know someone for 30 years without knowing something weird is going on. Or hearing about it, especially when it happens in your facilities.

Lo and behold, as seen in the link above, court documents reveal that Paterno knew about the assault as far back as the 70s and said he didn’t want to hear about it because, “I have a football season to worry about.”

So yes. I’m glad he got cancer.