There’s a train of thought, particularly popular in Libertarian circles, that you want bigots to be able to act on their views. Because if they act on them and you don’t agree, at least you know where they are. And the marketplace of ideas will take care of it.

This ignores history, however. Yes, they love to point out that Jim Crow laws were the government enforcing racism and bigotry. But they ignore that it didn’t start with Jim Crow laws. It started with fear and vigilantes. Who then made everyone so piss scared that they were able to codify their bigotry.

Because that’s the thing about bigotry. It’s an irrational emotional reaction. And irrational emotional reaction provoke violent responses. So, bigots that feel comfortable acting on their beliefs are going to act violently. People will die.

And if you don’t want war in the streets, you need to bring the might of a unified force on them. To show them that such things are not acceptable. After that, who cares what they believe? So long as they act right.

When a mad dog comes at your throat, do you really care if he knows why you have to stop him?