So, I would hope the “comic” speaks for itself. And with all the fervor going on at the moment over the flag and racism and the police, well, it’s a good time to run it.

Now don’t get me wrong. Speech is important. I do 8,000 comics where I try to sway people’s opinion or entertain them. But, you need to take the next step. You can’t view the outrage as the end product. Getting mad and writing letters or just getting one guy fired doesn’t solve system racial or sexual discrimination.

You need to get in the world and do things.

So, on that note: here’s a shirt over at with the new “Internet Outrage Ribbon” proudly emblazoned on it. It’s an experiment I’m running to see what can happen.

And feel free to use the hashtag #imagoodperson to call out internet keyboard warriors. That’s part of the fun!