For those of you that have stumbled onto this comic (or one of my other sites and then come over here), when starting this site up I went back and culled some of my old work. Because it was work I really enjoyed and I thought it deserved a new home. The comic you see above was one that I originally did not intend to reuse.

It was a piece I did as part of “Draw Mohammed Day” a few years back, an event intended to push back and protest the killing of a Danish cartoonist. As such, many pieces (and mine in particular) were more provocative. They were done this way not just to insult or offend Muslims (though, obviously, they would) but to make the point.

Living in a free society means being offended. And means that being offensive should not get you killed.

So, this drawing was very much a product of the time. I went for a bit of a riff on an old Mad cover by Basil Wolverton (as seen here) and went for maximum shock. And I was okay with that at the time and for quite a few years after.

But, like I said, when starting up the new site, I thought I’d let this one rest. It was right at the time, but out of context it was too mean. It was shocking for the sake of shock. And I didn’t see a good reason to just be mean.

Today, two individuals in France who seem to be Muslim attacked the publisher’s office of Charlie Hedbo for what they printed. For comics that these individuals found offensive. They killed innocent people whose worst crimes were bad taste.

And even though I’ve been thinking about this for a bit…I’m okay with being a bit mean again. Because it won’t change the world, but I should be able to. And I should be able to without having my life threatened.

So, I hope this comic offends you. And I hope your response is, “what a dick.” Or, “I don’t want to see any more of that.”

Not, “that guy needs to die.”