Ep. 005 – Killer Bee

Theme Credit: Justin Noszek (https://theplaguephysicians.bandcamp.com/releases)


It’s another Feeny episode and you know what that means! Chuck is back! We talk a lot in this episode and Chuck lets his nerd flag fly.

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Ep. 003 – Father Knows Less

Theme Credit: Justin Noszek (https://theplaguephysicians.bandcamp.com/releases)

It’s a Feeney heavy episode! This is one that touched Joe’s heart as a young man and as an adult. And Joe enjoys sharing this with his friend. Also, Joe tells the tale of becoming a Heroclix World Champion as well as contributing to a New York Times Bestselling comic series.

Chuck used to be a comedian.

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Joe Meets World – The Theme!

Listen guys, I’m testing out this whole podcast set up. So I want to do a small first episode that no one will pay attention to in the future. So I figured, why not spotlight the amazing theme song by friend of the show, Justin Noszek (aka Fro’Yog Softserve for you Scoops).

So here it is, in all its glory.

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