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And This is Why the Triceratops is my Favorite Dinosaur

9. No one knows how Triceratops used its horns.

For generations, paleontologists assumed that Triceratops evolved its horns for one reason–to keep hungry raptors and tyrannosaurs at bay. Now, though, some experts believe these horns may have been primarily a sexually selected characteristic: that is, male Triceratops with bigger, sharper horns had a better chance of mating with available females.

Aw yeah, baby. Check out my horns.

Greatest Thing I’ve See Today – Race/Off

So this actually aired last Tuesday, and I saw it then. But as The Daily Show has Labor Day off, they’re re-airing it. And it merits another go around.

Because I still have people I love and respect who are being fed bullshit and not understanding what actually happened in Ferguson. And I’m still trying to shake them to make them realize that all these “patriots” they trust, are exactly the ones that are really going to help get their rights taken away.