About Muhammedivational

So, I can hear what you’re thinking already. “Why are you being so Islamaphobic? You are doing nothing more than trying to insult Muslims!”

Well, objecting person I created in my head, no. That’s not my aim. Some of the drawings on here are insulting of the prophet Muhammed, some of them are actually somewhat inspirational, some are both, and others are just plain silly. The reason I’m doing this is not to insult any specific Muslim though I’m sure some will be. My point is that any person should be able to draw Muhammed without fearing for their life. And quite simply, if people could do that, I would be less likely to draw Muhammed.

So, this is a site dedicated to aggressive free speech. Not as a government right, but as a moral right. That people should be able to say anything they want and fear nothing more than people saying something back.

To that end: I am going to try and draw Muhammed as much as I can (averaging one a day for the first year, at least). But, I will also open up drawings to you, the audience. Whether it be insulting or praising, I will accept any drawing of Muhammed that features an actual depiction (ie, no obscured face). And if you want to be identified, you will be. If you don’t want to be identified, I will label it as by “Anonymous” or a suggested pseudonym.

This space will be updated with more questions and thoughts as they occur.

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