Spider-Man 2099 #2

Artwork is copyright Marvel, 2014. Used under Fair Use

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Peter David Art: Will Sliney/Antonio Fabela
Rating: 3.6/5

When I was a kid, I got exactly one issue of Spider-Man 2099. The last issue. And I only picked it up because I loved Spidey at the time and wondered who this guy was. Since then, I’ve read about half of the original 90s series in collected form. And as a fan of Peter David, I was super excited for Miguel to return.

Mr. David has not let me down. This issue saw Miguel deal with two of the women in his new past life. The super for his building and his boss, the infamous Liz Allen. And I’m still about as surprised and confused about what Liz did as ol’ Miggy.

Spider-Man 2099. The only Spidey book I’m currently reading.

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