Regular Guy Reviews: Birdman (Or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


A great cast that turned in amazing performances in a film that tries to appear to be one continuous shot but, more importantly, is filmed as play (accomplishing scene changes the way a play would, through the magic and medium of film). But you don’t care about that, do you? Me pontificatingĀ about my taste, let’s get to the meat of what your taste needs to be!

Do See If:

  • You enjoy dark comedies
  • You enjoy plays or will not be taken out of the movie by there being no seeming cuts (except for twice)
  • You enjoy the deconstruction of a man, his life, and his ego
  • You’re a massive fan of Edward Norton or Michael Keaton as actors
  • You want to see Ed Norton’s bare ass
  • You enjoy jazz

Don’t See If:

  • You prefer straight forward cinematography
  • Depression is a trigger or sore spot for you
  • You need a movie to be completely realistic or completely fantasy, as this movie swings back and forth
  • You want a simple ending
  • You’re expecting any kind of a superhero movie
  • If you don’t enjoy movies that move a bit slow or meander

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