Who the Clix? Max Mercury

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Today we look at another golden age speedster: Max Mercury

Appearances in Heroclix: The Flash, Brave and the Bold
First Appearance: National Comics #5
Team Affiliations: Freedom Fighters, All-Star Squadron
Powers/Abilities: Super speed, Molecular control, Time and dimensional travel
Created By: Jack Cole and Chuck Mazoujian

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use
Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Max Mercury was originally a scout with the US Cavalry in the 1830s. He befriended the local Indian tribes only to find them massacred on the orders of his commanding officer. Finding a shaman among the tribe with some life still in him, Mercury was enchanted and granted super-speed. After this, he began to live in the wild and came to be known as Windrunner.

Eventually, Mercury tried to access the mystical Speed Force with his own magical speed. However, because he was not tied to it, it would often result in him being bounced off and finding himself flung forward in time. The first time he tried to access the Speed Force, he was left in the 1890s and began calling himself Whip Whirlwind. He tried again and found himself in the 1930s, where he called himself Quicksilver and helped Jay Garrick and Johnny Quick.

In 1948, Max had an affair with a doctor he met when the doctor saved Max’s life. The affair was brief, however, and once the woman returned to her husband’s side, Max again traveled through time. He appeared in the 1960s and battled Savitar before again bouncing forward in time.

After this last travel through time, Max decided to remain in hiding rather than attempting any super-heroics. Eventually, Jay Garrick managed to convince Max to pose as Barry Allen and battle Professor Zoom. After this, Max began to act as mentor to Wally West and Bart Allen, helping both young heroes unlock their greater potential.

Max goes on to be possessed by the pure speed force energy form of the Rival, who uses Max to escape to an unknown point in time. Later, Max’s spirit appears in the Speed Force, seemingly finally having accessed the power as a result of the Rival’s possession of his body, and helps Johnny Quick, Bart Allen and the other speedsters in battling Superboy-Prime.

Max is eventually rescued from the “Negative Speed Force” by Barry Allen.

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