See, That’s the Point

So, a few weeks ago I launched Muhammedivational as a piece of political speech. I’m trying to put up as many drawings of Muhammed as I can produce across the spectrum. Offensive, funny, stupid, etc. just to make the point: in a free society, one person’s taboos should not infringe on another person’s free expression. And that I can respect religion without having to adhere to religion.

Well, I also remembered that I have an account on Fiverr. To those that are unaware, it’s a website where people can put up services they’re willing to do for $5. It’s a quick and dirty way for creative people to make some cash and for people that need something to have it done. So, I figured I would put up a gig to draw Muhammed. It gets me $5, it helps people that want drawings of Muhammed as a form of protest (without them personally having to put their name to it), and it helps me create content for my own website. Win, win, win.

So today, on my birthday, I wake up to a deluge of messages on Fiverr. Asking me, politely or not so politely, to take the gig down. I am going to quote every message I received because I think they’re wrong. But also to show, that even though I think they’re wrong, most of them were very nice. Then I see that Fiverr has actually removed my gig.

And that’s the point. I respect everyone that sent me a message being offended by drawings of Muhammed. I respect everyone that sent me a message not wanting to give me money to draw Muhammed.

I do not respect any single one of them thinking I shouldn’t draw Muhammed. Because I’m not Muslim. And I should not have to live like one. Nor should I have to worry about saying god damn in public, because it might offend Christians. Nor should I be barred from eating a ham sandwich because Jews keep kosher.

That’s why I’m going to keep drawing Muhammed.

Happy birthday to me.

Hi Joe, Please remove your Gig, It’s a disrespect for our beloved Prophet. I know, you’ve misconfusion or anything bad in mind about Muslim. I am Muslim, and you can ask anything from me and I will try to answer you in best possible way BUT please don’t draw cartoons and images of beloved Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Advance thanks for listening to me! Thanks

Please remove your gig it is against our Prophet. It is a humble request, we respect other’s religion so you should do. Thanks

Joe, PLEASE remove the Gig service. I know, you are here for doing business but shouldn’t be at cost of our (muslim) emotions. If you are really a creative person, please do something which is not a controversial subject & I am really here to guide you in best possible way to get fair number of clients. BUT please remove your Gig. I am sure, You will listen to me & will give me great news. Thanks

Hey mAn, Joe it’s seriously not a good thing! Can you please put your Gig down? It’ll be perfect man. Great thanks if you will not hurt Muslims of the World

Hi This GIG is hurting a hearth Billion people of Muslim community. Its my humble request to please delete it. Or if you need money to remove this, does not matter how much. i will pay you. Just ask But please remove this gig Thanks And Regards

This guy was one of my favorites. I’ll give him that, he was willing to pay me to take down the gig. That’s commitment.

please remove this gig.. please i request you…

hello bro. I want to request you that please remove it We must respect each other. I am a muslim ,its so bad to me. i know that due to terrorist our name become notorius in the word. but really a real muslim never even think of saying bad to anyone so how we can kill or do terrorism. Please i request you remove your gig. thanks 🙂

Hello Joepan, I came across your gig while browsing fiverr. Though I am not Muslim but I was flabbergasted to see your gig because its directly aimed at mortifying Muslims’ sentiments. Promoting such gigs is extremely unethical in any context of humane sense. I request you to please remove this gig and stop hurting Muslim’s community. If you are gifted with this talent of cartoon designing, you can easily use and monetize it by doing other kind of gigs and removing this gig won’t hamper your earning. I expect that you would exhibit some sense of rationalism and will remove this gig in deferrance of Muslims’ community sentiments. thanks.

Hey Please Remove this Gig about Prophet Muhammad gig thanks its request to you its not good that hurt some one religion thanks

Remove Quick your gig


its my request to you plz delete this post this is not the good way to earn money its my request to you muslims not like this plz plz

Hi Joepan, its is requested to you please remove this gig, don’t do these things against Muslims. Best regards, Hasan

Hey Blood dog Remove this gig

What’s a blood dog?

fuck u on your gig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

And anyone that would still like a drawing of Muhammed…well, I have another gig that might be of interest to you.

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