Love Is…

Love is patient,
But 45 minutes is too long to get ready.

Love is kind,
Kind of what I’m looking for. I guess.

It does not envy,
but it does get jealous. A lot.

It does not boast,
It expects you to just notice and compliment it on your own.

It is not proud,
Of some of the things it has done.

It does not dishonor others,
But it will curse their gossiping mouths.

It is not self-seeking,
But it can be self-gratifying.

It is not easily angered,
But how many times does it have to ask you to take out the trash?!

It keeps no records of wrongs,
Because it knows a paper trail is asking for trouble.

Love does not delight in evil,
But it still secretly enjoys when your bitchy friend gets what’s coming to her.

It rejoices in truth,
As long as it doesn’t get it in trouble.

It always projects, always trusts (most of the time), always hopes you won’t remember our anniversary either, always perseveres.

But really. Take out the trash.

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