Who the Clix? Man-Killer

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Today we look at the jacked up femme fatale: Man-Killer

Appearances in Heroclix: Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #8
Team Affiliations: HYDRAAdvanced Idea Mechanics, Masters of Evil, Thunderbolts
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and durability; Size-alteration through Pym Particle exposure
Created By: Gerry Conway and Jim Mooney

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use
Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Katrina Luisa Van Horn is a militant feminist and a former Olympic skier. Katrina argues with Karl Lubbings over women’s rights and take their disagreement to the slopes. Lubbings cuts her off and both skiers plunge off the mountain. Katrina is severely injured. A benefactor fits her with a powerful exo-skeleton and strength enhancement to return her to health and takes the name Man-Killer. She has stopped using the exoskeleton but continues to work as a freelance enforcer for HYDRA and the Masters of Evil. She eventually joins the Thunderbolts under Hawkeye’s leadership. For much of her career, she attempts to avoid confrontations with fellow women and focuses on fighting men.

After time, however, Katrina seems to calm down and is able to work alongside men with minimal personality conflicts. When Norman Osborne opens Camp HAMMER, Katrina is among the first class inducted.

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