Let’s Cook!

Why isn’t communal cooking a thing?

I don’t mean those cooking classes. “Oh, here’s  a fun date, I’ll take you to a room full of 30 strangers and we’ll all learn the proper way to make chicken parmesan!” Blech, that’s awful on its own.

No, I mean the idea of 20 friends piling into a kitchen with several stoves, beverages of choice, and just…cooking. Ted makes a great steak and Bill is a champ with flavor infusion. Mary makes a tremendous meatloaf and Lindsay is a queen with glazes.

Or everyone just makes whatever they want while socializing.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? Is that something people used to do when we could afford homes and weren’t working 75 hours a week? Did I just miss it?

Let’s start it. Communal cooking. The craze of 2016!

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