Regular Guy Reviews: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Request for a Longer Title


I want to be in the middle of controversy! Pick me! Give me hits!

I mean…I’m a serious critic and what not. Harumphf, harumpf.

Do See If:

  • You recognize that Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms, yo
  • You enjoy your super-heroics to be a bit more dour and tortured
  • You need another Batman movie in your life
  • You just want to get excited about DC’s upcoming slate of movies
  • You’ve wondered what Wonder Woman’s vagina looks like

Don’t See If:

  • You like smiling during a movie
  • You are tired of heroes being awful to each other
  • You want another Superman movie
  • You’re just counting down the days until Captain America: Civil War comes out

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