Who the Clix? Klarion the Witch Boy

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Today we look at the young runaway from a world of magic: Klarion the Witch Boy

Appearances in Heroclix: World’s Finest, Crisis
First Appearance:  The Demon #7
Team Affiliations: Seven Soldiers of Victory
Powers: Magical & Mystical Aura (light orange); Black Magic; Magical Mind Control; Evil spell-casting; Affinity to the supernatural and mystic arts; Transformation into Horigal
Created By: Jack Kirby

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Klarion is a young boy from Witch-World, another dimension where everyone has some knowledge or talent with black magic. However, as a child he was constantly being watched and chided by adults which he felt was limited his knowledge and experience. To escape this, he uses his power to open a gateway to another dimension. With his familiar, the cat named Teekl, Klarion sets out to learn everything he can about magic.

Soon after his arrival, he encounters the demon Etrigan. Etrigan attempts to send Klarion back to his home dimension several times, causing an extended rivalry to form between the two. This soon brings him into conflict with Wonder Woman, the Flash, Batman, Chase and Superboy and his Ravers.

Some time later, the Agenda uses Klarion in a ploy to turn the public against metahumans. They use his, as well as other adventurers, youth as a threat to public safety. Klarion does not help matters by casting a spell that turns the teen heroes in adults and adult heroes into teens. This spell is eventually reversed.

Klarion later becomes despondent, feeling more alone and alienated while being surrounded by heroes that are older than him. Lil Lobo soon attacks him and demands the witch boy turn him back to his proper age. Ariella Kent, the Supergirl of the 853rd century, later crash lands in front of Klarion and the two quickly become friends.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

This Klarion is an inhabitant of Limbo Town, a community beneath New York City’s subway system made up of the descendants of the lost population of Roanoke. Klarion rebels against the adults in charge and attempts to leave, only to attract the attention of a monster known only as the Horigal.

The Horigal is damaged by a subway train which allows Klarion to escape. In the tunnels he encounters a Witch-Man of Limbo Town named Ebeneezer Badde. Badde tries to convince Klarion that the outside world is wicked and attempts to sell the Witch-Boy into slavery. At the last minute, Badde’s conscience gets the better of him and he helps free Klarion. In return, Klarion allows Badde to be killed.

Klarion eventually makes it to the above world and is captured by Mr. Melmoth. Melmoth encourages him to join a group of young super-delinquents. Together, this group use their powers to steal a digging machine from a New York museum. Melmoth plans to use the machine to pillage Limbo Town. Teekl witnesses Melmoth pushing a member of the group through a portal to the “red place,” and reports this back to Klarion. Klarion then tells the others of Melmoth’s evil and leaves.

Klarion returns to Limbo Town to try and warn them of Melmoth’s attack. However, the townsfolk attempt to burn him at the stake for blasphemy. This execution is interrupted by Melmoth and his followers’ arrival. Klarion raises the alarm and meets the dying Submissionary Judah, who Klarion had clashed with before. Judah passes on the title of Submissionary to Klarion now that the others are all dead. With this comes the ability to become the Horigal, which is actually a gestalt form of the Submissionary and their familiar, which allows Klarion to kill all of Melmoth’s followers and cripple Melmoth.

Klarion chooses to leave Limbo Town rather than become its leader. Klarion obtains a complete version of Croatoan, a powerful New Gods designed machine called a Fatherbox in Sheeda. Klarion then takes over Frankenstein’s mind and journeys to Sheeda-Side where Klarion has incredible powers. Klarion also helps the other members of the mystic community during the battle with Superboy Prime.

Klarion later tracks down an inhabitant of Limbo Town that had journeyed to Gotham. While there, Klarion meets Robin and names him a friend and hero. Klarion also encounters a Black Adam empowered Mary Marvel, who is finding the power difficult to control. Klarion offers to help her for a small portion of her powers to which Mary agrees. Klarion double crosses Mary and attempts to absorbe all of her power but is soundly defeated. Klarion is later possessed by the Starheart power and driven insane. He goes on a rampage before being defeated by Jade and Donna Troy.

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