Who the Clix? Doom 2099

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Now and forever, there is only: Doom 2099

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Appearances in Heroclix: Fantastic Four, 2099
First Appearance:  Marvel Comics Presents #118
Team Affiliations: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Created By: John Francis Moore, Pat Broderick (based upon the original character by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby)

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

In 2099 after a mysterious disappearance decades before, an energy sphere appears in thin air in the ruins of Castle Doom and from it is born Doctor Doom. Doom explores his former home and soon finds that it has been conquered by a cyborg robber-baron named Tyger Wylde. Doom attempts to reclaim his rightful position but is quickly dispatched by Wylde and his advanced technology. His armor is destroyed and Doom’s face is left further scarred by the incident.

Doom’s beaten body is found by the descendants of his family’s Romani tribe, the Zefiro, thanks to a member of that tribe named Fortune. Doom is nursed back to health by his people and eventually liberates a doctor from corporate enslavement named Celia Quinones. Celia aids Doom in building a new and more powerful armor. Celia also performs neurocybersurgery on Doom in an attempt to help restore his fractured memory.

With his new found allies and armor, Doom becomes a freedom fighter once more and begins to strike against Tyger Wylde in guerrilla attacks. Using Wylde’s own stolen resources against him, Doom is able to overthrow the despot and reinstall himself as the rightful monarch of Latveria and rebuilds Doomstadt as a glimmering city of the future. He keeps a close cabal of advisors from the Zefiro near him, including Fortune, Wire, Xandra, Vox and Poet. They aid Doom as he battles many foes on his way to understanding this new time and enacting his plan to save the world from itself.

Doom continues to struggle with his fragmented memories and being unsure of how he seems to be in a revitalized body when he should be an old man. This is made all the worse when another man claiming to be the real Dr. Doom arrives in his court in an arc reactor powered version of his old armor. Margaretta Von Geisterstadt accompanies this pretender and triggers Doom’s memories of loving her. Before long, the ruler of Myridia, now under Latveria’s rule, tells Doom that this other man is actually his own son and that he had been kidnapped and used as a pawn in some cruel game between Margaretta and Doom. Doom confronted the pretender and defeated him, only to finally regain his memories.

Ten years before, Doom had traveled into the time stream and was nearly killed by the experience. After he is spat back out, Margaretta places him in an advanced healing bath that not only heals his wounds but rejuvenates his body and restores it to that of a much younger man. Which Doom incapacitated Margaretta decides to kidnap Erik Czerny, the son of the ruler of Myridia, and brainwash him into thinking that he is the true Doom. Doom also remembers that he and Margaretta had been manipulating world events in an intricate game of chess before his accident. Margaretta had also decide to implant some of Erik’s memories into Doom, just to see which man would be strong enough to earn the title of Dr. Doom. Doom reclaims some armor that Margaretta had stolen and leaves her, alongside the pretender Erik to die in their South Pacific foretress.
Now in full control of his faculties, Doom sets out to conquer the United States and save it. Leaving Fortune to rule in his stead in Latveria, Doom battles Alchemax, the Pixel Corporation and the other corporations that rule America 2099. After conquering it, Doom goes about setting wrongs right. He recreates S.H.I.E.L.D. and assigns Junkpile to stopping the illegal trafficking of humans for experimentation. He makes the X-Men of the time the law enforcement of Halo City, finally granting the mutants a peaceful coexistence with humans.

Enraged by being ousted, all the former corporate lords of the United States unite behind John Anthony Herod. This alliance manages to depose Doom with a cache of advanced alien tech that Herod had secreted away and kept from the people. They then replace Doom with a clone/replicant of Captain America. As punishment, Herod floods Latveria with a necrotoxin that turns every bit of organic life into a protein-rich sludge.

Doom manages to escape his enemies’ attacks alive and retreats to Halo City. There he meets Billy Zedd, who helps Doom build a new and even stronger armor. They also create a vat of nanomachines, which they send to Washington, D.C. to destroy the “Red House”, Herod’s replacement for the White House. With the Red House destroyed, Doom kills the Captain America replicant and leaves Herod alive by horribly disfigured and disabled, to spend the rest of his life in horrible pain.

Doom returns to Myridia in hopes that he can find something to save Latveria. Believing he has, he travels back to the 20th century and introduces an addictive crab venom to the Latverian population of the time. Though this brings him into conflict with the 20th century Daredevil, Namor and even himself, it succeeds in allowing his people to evolve an immunity against the necrotoxin that Herod uses in the future.

Doom returns to 2099 and finds that Fortune and about half the population survive the necrotoxin attack, though many have been mutated into creatures called “mutalocos.” No sooner is he home than the Phalanx arrives and announces their intention to assimilate humanity. Though Fortune’s brother, Kaz, does not trust the Phalanx, Doom agrees to help the aliens find sleeper agents they have on Earth in order to make assimilation easier.

While this continues, Doom is secretly experimenting with Xena Kwan on humans to try and purge them of the techno-organic virus that the Phalanx uses to assimilate other races. Spider-Man eventually arrives and is blackmailed into helping Doom, believing that his brother is in the custody of Latveria. Magus, emissary of the Phalanx, reveals that he always knew where the sleeper agent they need is and that it is actually Nostromo of X-Nation. Miguel and Xena are able to successfully introduce and purge the TO virus from Doom’s nanotech armor. Doom explains that he always intended to let Magus find Nostromo because the growth of the TO virus has purged Latveria of outside influence and repaired the ravages of the past century. Just before Spider-Man destroys Nostromo, Doom activates a code he had implanted in the man years ago. This code allows Nostromo to purge all the Phalanx from the Earth. The ensuing event kills Doom and destroys Magus. Doom’s final will reveals that Nostromo is named heir to the throne of Latveria.

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