Who the Clix? Ch’p

Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

One of the cuddliest Green Lanterns around (don’t tell Kilowog): Ch’p

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Appearances in Heroclix: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary, Green Lantern Corps
First Appearance: Green Lantern vol. 2 #148 (January 1982)
Team Affiliantions: Green Lantern Corps, Black Lantern Corps
Created by: Paul Kupperberg and Don Newton

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

Born on the alien planet of H’lven, Ch’p bravely defends his home from the Crabster army of Doctor Ub’x. Though he fights valiantly, he is ultimately captured and sentenced to death. He is saved from his grisly fate by a Guardian of the Universe coming to personally induct him into the Green Lantern Corps. With his new found powers, Ch’p is able to defeat Doctor Ub’x and free his world.

Under promise that his home would be safe, Ch’p travels to Oa and is trained by Kilowog in the same class as Hal Jordan. He is assigned Sector 1014 when his training is completed and becomes close friends with well known Green Lanterns such as Hal Jordan, Mogo and Salaak. He maintains a secret identity on his home world until he marries his long time girlfriend M’nn’e and reveals the truth to her.

After the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Ch’p returns home only to find that history had changed around around him. As far as H’lven is concerned, Ch’p died fifteen years earlier in an accident and his wife has remarried his best friend D’ll. Crushed, Ch’p volunteers to serve with the team of Green Lanterns that are assigned to Earth. Thankfully for Ch’p, the Corps are able to remember events before the Crisis and are the only people in all the universe that remember him. Doctor Ub’x, who somehow also remember pre-Crisis history, attacks Ch’p several times until they realize their memories form a bond between them and they set aside their differences.

Life on Earth proves too difficult for Ch’p and so he returns home to H’lven. After the main power battery on Oa is destroyed, Ch’p’s ring continues to work for some strange reason. Living on a world where no one remembers him proves to be too much for Ch’p and growing depression pushes him to attempt suicide. Salaak arrives in time to stop him and stays on H’lven to keep his friend company. The pair return to Oa to help with the reconstruction of the Corps and Ch’p remains there patrolling Mosaic World. Through unknown means, a yellow tractor-trailer hits and kills Ch’p.

Years later, Ch’p rises from his grave on Oa as a Black Lantern. Black Lantern Ch’p is destroyed by Guy Gardner while he wields both a Red and Green Power Ring.

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