Who the Clix? Skurge, the Executioner

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He stood alone at Gjallerbru: Skurge

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Appearances in Heroclix: War of the Realms, The Mighty Thor, Armor Wars
First Appearance:  Journey into Mystery #103 (April 1964)
Team Affiliations: Asgardians of the Galaxy, Masters of Evil, Mandarin’s Minions, Lethal Legion
Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and visual acuity; Extended lifespan; Use of enchanted axe
Created by: Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Skurge is born in Jotunheim to an anonymous Storm giant and Skornheim goddess, making him a half-giant. When he comes of age, he becomes a warrior and earns the name Executioner during a war against the Storm Giants. Skurge falls in love and becomes completely loyal to Amora, the Enchantress, after first laying eyes on her. He is a constant companion to her while she only views him as a pawn.

Amora and Skurge serve Loki in a scheme to steal Mjolnir from Thor only for the hero to foil it. As punishment for this misdeed, Odin banishes Amora and Skurge to Earth where they learn of Baron Heinrich Zemo. They serve as founding members of Zemo’s original Masters of Evil and battle the Avengers. While Enchantress eventually finds a way back to Asgard, Skurge continues to aid the Masters in several schemes. He is even present at the creation of Wonder Man and worries that the villain may be too powerful to control. Wonder Man eventually helps the Avengers defeat the Masters and becomes a hero.

Upon returning to Asgard, Skurge returns to the service of Loki and menaces Jane Foster as well as battling Balder. He is somehow recruited by Dr. Doom to destroy the Fantastic Four but this plan fails and Skurge, along with the other villains, have their memories of the event erased. Executioner eventually finds himself on an alternate 25th century Earth and attempts to conquer it, founding his own empire. The Hulk is also transported there and the two do battle until Skurge is defeated.

Skurge reunites with the Enchantress and the pair join the Mandarin’s world conquest attempt. Skurg’s role is to invade the Asian sub-continent with an army of trolls which brings him into conflict with Hercules. The two do battle before Hercules bests the villain and throws him into a giant the Enchantress created, destroying it.

Skurge then leads a troll invasion of Asgard. Odin banishes him to Casiolena where Skurge becomes the co-ruler. He battles the Defenders with the army of Casiolena before reforging his alliance with Amora. Skurge and Amora also battle Dr. Strange before being defeated.

Skurge leads an assault on Asgard, battling Balder once more. When they are victorious, Skurge serves as one of Loki’s lieutenant’s during his brief rule. Skurge also joins in the Asgardian defense against Surtur.

Soon after, Enchantress decides that she should make Heimdall her lover. This breaks Skurge’s heart and leads him to joining Thor on a rescue mission to Hel, believing that battle will ease her emotional wounds. Malekith has trapped a group of souls that belong to living humans in Hel and Hela refuses to allow them to leave. Thor is hesitant to allow his old foe to join them but relents. In Hel, Naglfar, the ship of the dead, is nearly ready to sail and begin the end of days. Hela promises Skurge a place of honor beside her on it at the battle of Ragnarok but Skurge is enraged. Enraged at being dismissed by Amora. Enraged at being manipulated by Hela and her father Loki before her. He lets loose with his mighty axe and destroys the ship, stalling Ragnarok. Thor, Balder and the Einherjar escort the mortal souls out of Hel while being doggedly chased by Draugrs. They reach Gjallerbru, the bridge out of Hel, and Thor swears to hold the bridge while the others reach safety.

In that moment, Skurge seeks redemption and knocks Thor out from behind. He hands Thor to Balder and swears to hold the bridge in Thor’s place. He only asks that Balder and Thor drink to his memory in Asgard and share Skurge’s last laugh together. Wielding M-16s, mortal weapons of iron, Skurge stands alone and holds back all of Hel’s forces until the other heroes are able to get away safely. When he runs out of ammunition, he eventually begins batting the Draugrs away with the rifles as clubs. Eventually, though, they prove too much and he is overwhelmed. Even in death, however, this stand is enough to garner respect from Hela.

The spirit of Skurge again encounters Thor when the thunder god takes control of the Destroyer armor and descends into Hel to force Hela to remove a curse from him. This eventually works and Skurge and Thor speak, with the god of thunder offering Skurge a boon. Skurge merely reminds Thor to have that drink with Balder in his honor. Standing against Thor alone, even in death, is inspiring to Hela and she allows him to leave and enter Valhalla.

Skurge continues to be used as a pawn by beings more powerful than him, being resurrected multiple times to battle with Thor and other heroes. Odin even calls on Skurge’s spirit to help Eric Masterson battle the influence of the Bloodaxe. Having realized how much she loved Skurge in life, Amora eventually attempts to free him from Valhalla by attacking Yggdrasil. Thor, Balder and even Loki are able to make her see that this act dishonors Skurge’s memory.

Kid Loki disguises himself as Amora in order to recruit Skurge to the Asgardians of the Galaxy. During the War of the Realms, Skurge and the other Asgardians of the Galaxy battle Malekith’s forces. Skurge makes another brave stand in order to open a portal from Heven so that Angela can kill the Queen of the Angels. Upon his death, he is surprised to find himself once again in Valhalla.

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