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Yes, yes, insert obligatory word play about her name, because she’s:  Knockout

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls, Origin
First Appearance: Superboy (vol. 4) #1 (February 1994)
Team Affiliations: Secret Six, The Society, Suicide Squad, Female Furies
Powers/Abilities:  Super-strength; superhuman durability and endurance; superhuman regeneration; and immortality.
Created by:  Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

The super strong exotic dancer known as Knockout first makes her appearance in the superhuman world by attacking, and flirting, with Superboy shortly after he moves to Hawaii. During this time she supports herself by working at the BoomBoom Room. Unfortunately for her, she’s too powerful to go unnoticed for long and she is soon recruited by Amanda Waller into the Suicide Squad. Her first mission is attacking the crime cartel the Silicon Dragons. Though the Squad is able to succeed in their mission, Knockout and King Shark are left behind in the exploding base and presumed dead.

Knockout returns, alive and well, and helps Superboy against Valor before getting in a quick sparring match with the hero. Knockout quickly becomes an occasional ally to Superboy and things seem to be going well. Until her past rears its ugly head. The Female Furies arrive on Hawaii to reclaim Knockout, revealing that she is originally from Apokolips. It turns out, she was inspired by Big Barda’s escape with Mister Miracle and followed suit. Luckily for her, an errant Boomtube opens for her during the escape and leads to Hawaii. No longer content to let her galavant on Earth, the Furies attempt to capture her only to be fought off by Superboy and others. Dubbilex, an ally of Superboy, uses his telepathy to convince the Furies that Knockout has died in the ensuing battle, causing them to retreat.

While surveying the chaos, a police officer is found dead and Dubbilex uses his powers to investigate the cause. He is stunned to find that Knockout had killed the officer simply for “being in her way.” Superboy did not believe in her guilt at first and goes on the run with her. Soon, however, Knockout tests Superboy’s loyalty by attempting to coerce him into killing someone. When he doesn’t, she does, and Superboy is forced to defeat her and bring her into custody.

Some time later, Knockout manages to escape and begins a relationship with Scandal Savage. At Scandal’s request, Knockout joins the Society as a mole. Soon after, she joins Scandal in the Secret Six and is a target of a group of assassins that attacks the team. A sniper fires a small explosive device that implants itself in her skin. As the bomb prepares to detonate, Scandal refuses to leave Knockout’s side. This forces the strong woman to throw Scandal violently, promising they will find each other in the afterlife. After the explosion, Scandal is able to find Knockout’s horribly burned body in the rubble. Miraculously alive. Her Apolokiptian genetics allow Knockout to return to full health faster than anyone should.

They continue to track down the would be assassins, which includes an attack by Rag Doll thanks to Doctor Psycho. Scandal and Knockout soon have a confrontation after Knockout is found sleeping with Deadshot. Knockout struggles to explain that such social norms don’t exist on Apokolips but she never wants to hurt Scandal. The pair are able to move past the situation. Secret Six are soon hired to battle the Birds of Prey, which brings Knockout and Big Barda into a brutal fight with no clear winner. Weeks later, Knockout remains in a dour mood. Scandal suggests it may have to do with the inconclusive end to her fight with Barda. Knockout agrees and goes to Birds of Prey headquarters to find satistfaction. There she recognizes Infinity-Man and requests one last call to Scandal. After Infinity-Man obliges, he kills Knockout.

Ragdoll steals the “Get Out of Hell Free” card that the Six had stolen and reported lost. Once Scandal discovers this, she kills him. Black Alice decides to leave the team and teleports all of them to Hell to get the card back. There, Scandal is horrified to find Knockout brainwashed and under Ragdoll’s thrall. A brutal fight breaks out, resulting in the Secret Six returning to Earth with Knockout in tow.

Knockout takes some time to heal both physically and mentally before rejoining the Six officially. On a mission to Batman, Scandal suggests a polyamourous marriage involving herself, Knockout and the stripper Scandal has been dating during Knockout’s death. Knockout accepts just before a particularly brutal battle between a number of heroes and the Six. Some time later, the married triad seems to be happy and have decided to have a child together.

Knockout is among a group of villains that volunteer to help Catwoman defend her neighborhood in Gotham City from the city’s new fascist mayor.

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