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Don’t be fooled, she cares a lot: Honey Badger

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Appearances in Heroclix: X of Swords
First Appearance:  All-New Wolverine #2 (November 2015)
Team Affiliations: X-Men
Powers/Abilities: Regenerative Healing Factor; Decelerated Aging; Retractable Bone Claws; Superhumanly Acute Senses; Insensitivity to Pain; Expert Covert Ops Training
Created by: Tom Taylor – David López – David Navarrot

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Gabrielle is a clone member of the Sisters, a class of at least ten clones of Wolverine. They are created by Alchemax and trained to serve as bodyguards for hire. The Sisters are regularly abused by their handlers. After six of her class are killed, Gabrielle escapes with Zelda, Bellona and X23_3PAR. The Sisters are armed by allies and enact a mission of revenge against Alchemax. Gabby does not have the bloodlust of her sisters and soon grows disillusioned.

Gabby confronts Laura, who is operating as Wolverine, before escaping back to the sewers. Laura is incapacitated before Captain Mooney, one of the Sisters’ handlers, arrives. They are able to rouse Laura in time to fight off the invading Alchemax soldiers. This is before Taskmaster arrives and shoots the fugitive clones. They escape together and enlist the help of Doctor Strange and Wasp to cure them of the Alchemax nanites that are slowly killing them. Mooney is able to locate them and kills Zelda before he is restrained.

Laura hatches a plan to destroy Alchemax Genetics, the division that created the girls, and they enact it by letting Mooney believe he escaped. They follow him back to the secret bunker and disable it before alerting SHIELD to its location. Gabby ends up asking Laura if she can stay wih her, hoping to learn from the elder clone. Gabby ends up moving in with Laura and adopting a pet wolverine named Jonathan.

Strife is brought into their home when a future Logan arrives and believe that Gabby is a threat to Laura. Through a self-fulfilling prophecy, Logan is sent into a berserker rage and impales Gabby on his claws. Laura and Logan break out in a vicious brawl until Gabby’s unknown healing factor kicks in and brings her back to life. She apologizes for hiding her powers from Laura and the pair move into seclusion, choosing not to participate in the second superhero Civil War.

After Laura appears to kill an entire town in cold blood, Gabby helps her escape and travel to Madripoor to clear her name. This adventure brings Gabby back into contact with her sister Bellona, who actually killed the town that was blamed on Laura. Gabby, along with Laura and Jonathan, break up a child trafficking ring and bring Bellona to justice.

Back in New York an alien crash lands and spreads a deadly virus that is called the “Laura Kinney Virus.” Gabby, along with Laura, Daken, Deadpool and Logan reach ground zero and are able to cure the infected with their combined healing factors. After a brief battle with zombie animals, that includes a team up with Deadpool, Gabby and Laura burn down the lab where Jonathan was brutally experimented on.

Laura and Gabby begin to track down all the people involved in the cloning of Laura. During this time there is also an unfortunate incident involving the attempted resurrection of the two dead Cuckoos that results in Gabby being temporarily possessed by Esme. The living Cuckoos band together with Laura and the psychic ghost of Sophie to banish Esme to the psychic plane and free Gabby.

Gabby is among those welcomed to the mutant nation of Krakoa. She begins to feel doubt about the new nation when she learns that Madelyne Pryor is denied resurrection due to being a clone. As a clone, Gabby feels ostracized by the decision.

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