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She’s the guardian of Otherworld and Majestrix of the Captain Britain Corps…but that doesn’t mean she’s always their friend: Saturnyne

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Appearances in Heroclix: X of Swords OP, X of Swords
First Appearance:   The Mighty World of Marvel: Marvel Superheroes #381 (Jan 1982)  
Team Affiliations: Captain Britain Corps
Powers/Abilities: Witchcraft; Omniversal Guardian: allows her access to equipment from all time and reality; Reality Manipulation; Clairvoyance; Energy Projection/Constructs; Telekinesis; Telepathy 
Created by: Dave Thorpe  – Alan Davis

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Saturnyne originally hails from Earth 9 but ends up making her way to Otherworld. Once there, she is able to ascend to the role of Omniversal Majestrix and acts as part of the Dimensional Development Corps. Her primary duty is to oversee the Captain Britain Corps and maintain the order of the Omniverse. For much of her time in this role, she reports to Merlyn, who is officially the Omniversal Guardian. She also has the Avant Guard at her service, plain looking men in business suits with umbrellas that act as incredibly powerful weapons of destruction.

Saturyne first meets Brian Braddock when she recruits him to help fix the Crooked World by “evolving” it. Captain Britain is able to succeed in this mission with the help of Saturnyne only for an even greater threat to form. Mad Jim Jaspers creates the Jaspers’ Warp which threatens to collapse reality in on itself. Saturnyne helps Captain Britain travel to Jaspers’ world to stop him but they are all confronted by the Fury. Saturnyne flees with members of the Avant Guard, leaving Captain Britain, his sidekick Jackdaw and Saturnyne’s aide Dimples behind to be killed at the hands of the Fury.

These events lead to Saturnyne’s arrest by the Dimensional Development Court and replacement with a man named Mandragon. Mandragon’s first action is to destroy Earth 238 to stop Jaspers. Merlyn resurrects Captain Britain though the Fury manages to escape its Earth’s destruction. A new Jim Jaspers comes to power on Earth-616 along with the escaped Fury, causing Captain Britain to break Saturnyne out of the Court and escape to confront the villains. The Fury kills Jaspsers and is then defeated by Captain Britain, Captain UK, Saturnyne and the Special Executive. During this, Merlyn fakes his own death leading to a shake up at the Court. Merlyn’s daughter, Roma, takes over as Omniversal Guardian and Saturnyne blackmails Mandragon into stepping down so she can resume as Omniversal Majestrix.

Saturnyne comes into conflict with Captain Britain after sending the Technet after Phoenix. Technet fail and are exiled to Earth while Phoenix, along with Captain Britain, form Excalibur with Shadowcat, Meggan and Nightcrawler. Roma later reveals this was all an elaborate plan to cause the formation of Excalibur. When Brian Braddock is promoted from Captain Britain to ruler of Otherworld, Saturnyne becomes resentful. She believes he is not worthy of the honor.

She also aids Roma in defending reality against Abraxas, though Roma is ultimately killed. Saturnyne is among those that stand against the resurrected Jim Jaspers/Fury entity. Soon after, a resurrected Roma and Saturnyne both grow concerned with the incursions that are destroying realities. As numerous members of the Captain Britain Corps are killed from incursions, Saturnyne is forced to capture a Map Maker to try and find the source. This summons an army of the Map Makers that slaughter the entire Corps as well as Saturnyne. Before she dies, she places the secrets of the Starlight Citadel in the 616 Captain Britain’s mind, so he can warn the Illuminati.

After the restoration of the Multiverse, Saturnyne also returns to life. She has resumed her office and seemingly also acts as Omniversal Guardian. She acts as the arbiter when Arakko’s forces invade Otherworld, setting up the X of Swords tournament and providing the battlefield for it.

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