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Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Today we look at the two bit thug turned would-be Sorceror Supreme: The Hood

Appearances in Heroclix: Avengers Black Panther and the Illuminati, Avengers Assemble, Mutations and Monsters
First Appearance: The Hood #1
Team Affiliations: The Cabal, The Initiative, Illuminati
Created By: Brian K. Vaughan, Kyle Hotz and Eric Powell

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use
Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Parker Robbins is born to an underling of the Kingpin, exposing the young boy to the mastermind from a young age. This even leads to a young Parker seeing a battle between Daredevil and Electro. Parker’s father dies and his mother descends into a near vegetative stance. Parker often visits his bed-ridden mother and tells her stories of great jobs he is doing as he makes himself into an upstanding member of society. However, in reality, Parker is continuing his father’s legacy as a petty criminal.

Parker’s cousin John King approaches him about a robbery job in a warehouse that is supposedly holding valuable goods. Robbins takes the jo and inside the warehouse the pair encounter an abandoned mystic ritual that results in an encounter with a Nisanti demon. Parker shoots and seems to kill the demon before stealing its hood and boots. He soon puts the boots on and discovers that they allow him to levitate. He soon also uses the hood and discovers that it allows him to become invisible so long as he holds his breath. He uses these powers to commit robberies and even steals half a shipment of blood diamonds being protected by Constrictor, Jack O’Lantern and Shocker. This leads to a complicated showdown with the intended recipient of the blood diamonds, the Golem. Though the blood diamonds are returned to the Golem, he retains a grudge against the Hood.

Soon, the Beyonder reconstructs Battleworld and then transports Spider-Man, Venom, Gravity, Medusa, Hank Pym, Wasp, Kraven the Hunter, Firebird, Deathlok, Dragon Man and the Hood to it. He promises that whoever kills the other combatants will have one wish granted. The Hood kills Spider-Man during their arrival, only for them all to discover that Spider-Man is actually the original Space Phantom and still alive. The group works together, being shrunk to tiny size by Hank Pym, to fool the Beyonder into revealing himself. The Beyonder reveals himself to actually be the Stranger and is then attacked by the assembled heroes and villains before escaping. Battleworld begins to crumbled withou the Stranger holding it together and Gravity sacrifices his life to ensure that the others return to Earth.

Soon after this, the Hood becomes determined to become the Kingpin of supervillains in New York with John King as his lieutenant. He invites a larger number of villains to a meeting where he gives each of them $25,000. To prove his strength, he viciously beats Tigra in retaliation for a beating one of his gang members, Jigsaw, took from her. As this succeeds in gaining confidence from his soldiers, he next targets the Owl. The Owl attempts to sell a stolen Deathlok to the highest bidder without asking permission from the Hood. Using his new gang, the Hood is able to easily disrupt the auction and defeat the Owl.

Now with a very dangerous Deathlok at their disposal, they try to decide the best way to use him. Their first plan brings them into conflict with Wolverine, who the Hood is able to shoot and then overpower by assuming the form of the demon that he stole his cloak from. Now, Robbins and King decide to use Deathlok to rob a federal reserve bank in New Jersey gaining them over $12.7 million. This brings Luke Cage and the New Avengers down on their heads, with Dr. Strange managing to banish the Hood with an anti-demon spell before the heroes dismantle his small empire. Robbins soon returns and tries to recruit more villains to help him gain revenge on the New Avengers, though his plans are once again foiled by the heroes.

During the Skrulls’ secret invasion of Earth, the Hood discovers that the Skrulls have been infiltrating or attempting to infiltrate his organization. It is also during this time that he discovers his powers come from Dormammu and his dark dimension. When the heroes of the world battle with the Skrull army in New York, the Hood decides that he should use his powers and those of his organization for good. The Hood and his fellow villains join with the heroes to defeat the Skrull forces before disappearing. The Hood later joins Norman Osborn’s Cabal.

The Hood is sent on several errands for Osborn in return for financial and political support in achieving his own goals. He and his syndicate are able to prevent the New Avengers from ambusing Osborn’s Dark Avengers. The Hood then resurrects a team of villains killed by the Scourge of the Underworld to track down the Punisher, who had attempted to assassinate Osborn.

The Hood then learns from Black Talon of the zombie virus that has infected several realities in the multiverse. With the blessing of Dormammu, the Hood attempts to obtain the head of the Deadpool from the zombie reality. This plan briefly backfires as the zombie plague spreads over a small Caribbean Island before the Midnight Sons and Jennifer Kale are able to exorcise it and trap it within Simon Garth, the Zombie.

The Hood later helps Taskmaster run Camp HAMMER and has several encounters with mystical heroes such as Satanna. He also learns that he is bound to Dormammu and can draw power directly from the dark god-like being, the Hood itself simply being a token without any real power. Dormammu soon gives Parker greater power and instructs him to kill Dr. Strange so that he can become the new Sorcerer Supreme. This plan fails, however, when Brother Voodoo arrives as the newly chosen Sorcerer Supreme and is able to easily dispatch the Hood.

The Hood helps Norman Osborn at several points during the Siege of Asgard but is eventually defeated. He only escapes with the help of Madame Masque. This is short lived, however, and Robbins is soon imprisoned by the New Avengers. Biding his time, Parker eventually escapes and becomes determined to regain his powers through the Infinity gems. Despite the interference of the Avengers, Parker is able to obtain almost all of the gems and even uses the Reality gem to heal Madame Masque’s face. Even this victory is short lived, however, as Red Hulk is able to gain the Power Gem and with the help of Iron Man, strip the Hood of all the gems. Once again powerless, Parker is sent back to prison.

After the “Incident,” the destruction and reconstruction of the multiverse, the Hood is free from prison and forms a new Illuminati to carry out his criminal plans.

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