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Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Today we look at the demon powered member of the EliteHat

Appearances in Heroclix: Superman/Wonder Woman
First Appearance: Action Comics #775
Team Affiliations: The Elite
Powers/Abilities: Powerful Earth elemental; Magic; Invulnerability; Thermal-Blast
Created By: Joe Kelly, Doug Mahnke, and Tom Nguyen

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use
Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use

The Hat is a young Japanese man with the powers of a demon and a magical hat that he can pull any object from. He is recruited by Manchester Black to join the Elite and the team confronts Superman on several occasions. The Elite is eventually defeated and stripped of their powers. Machester Black kills himself and his sister Vera takes over, volunteering the team for a mad scheme to attempt to take over the world. The scheme is a ploy to unite the people of the world against them rather than destroy themselves in a suicidal rage.

Once the Earth is saved, the Elite is recruited as a Justice League team. The Hat is not allowed in, however, and has returned to obscurity.

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