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Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

Hey! Try and spot the: Spot

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Appearances in Heroclix: Spider-Man and Venom: Absolute Carnage, Web of Spider-Man
First Appearance:  Spectacular Spider-Man #97
Team Affiliations: Sinister Syndicate, M.O.D.O.K.’s 11
Created By: Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Dr. Jonathan Ohnn is tasked by his boss, the Kingpin of crime, to reproduce the teleportation powers of the teen superhero Cloak. Just as he has a breakthrough and is able to create a large black circular portal in the air, the experiment triggers a city wide blackout. Afraid of being unable to replicate the experiment, he steps into the portal and immediately passes out.

When he awakens, he assumes that he is in the dark dimension that Cloak travels to. He soon realizes, however, that this world is black AND white. The black all take the shape of circles, similar to the portal he came through. He is able to swim through this dimension and goes back through a portal, which happens to be the one he opened.

Back in the real world, he finds that the black spots have bonded with his skin, or perhaps his skin bonded with a portion of the other dimension. He is able to remove the spots from his body and use them as small portals. He tests out his new powers against Spider-Man and the Black Cat when they attempt to confront his boss. Jonathan announces his new terrifying super villain name: The Spot! The name causes Spider-Man to collapse in laughter, which ends up being his downfall. The Spot is able to defeat the web-head in their first battle. Overconfident, he loses his second confrontation with Spider-Man.

The Spot later forms the Spider-Man Revenge Squad, derisively called the Legion of Losers, alongside the Gibbon, Grizzly and Kangaroo. This team breaks up during their first battle against Spider-Man. Spot is later forced to open a portal to the Negative Zone by the Gideon Trust. He goes on to help Tombstone escape from a maximum security prison. Tombstone shows Spot his appreciation by snapping his neck.

After being resurrected by unknown means, Spot meets with Slyde during the time when Hydra, run by the Gorgon, have brainwashed Wolverine. Hydra has been killing weaker supervillains and resurrecting them to use as foot soldiers. Both villains are soon captured and killed by Elektra, only to be resurrected and used in a massive assault on a SHIELD Helicarrier.

Spot later joins MODOK’s 11 and helps in the robbery of the Hypernova weapon. Spot, however, betrays the team and joins Temugin for a larger payout. This backfires when Temugin traps Spot in Spotworld, believing that Spot would just as soon double cross him as Spot had done to MODOK.

Spot manages to escape Spotworld (I mean, it is kind of his thing) and finds that his son is in a coma as the result of a drive by shooting. Spot responds by going on a rampage and killing members of the Russian Mafia.

Spot seems to gain a measure of revenge and soon returns to working for other villains. He joins the Hood’s crime syndicate as a ruse, actually acting as a mole for Mister Negative. He then aids Doctor Octopus before being captured by Spider-Man. Spot again escapes and attempts to kidnap a young girl for a mafia family but is stopped by Daredevil. Spot is then captured and has his powers copied by a villain named Coyote. Spot later helps the Sinister Sixteen battle the Chameleon. He aids the Black Cat and the Ringer before battling the White Rabbit.

Spot serves as a member of the Sinister Six led by the Iron Spider, Aaron Davis. This team attempt to steal a decommissioned SHIELD Helicarrier.

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