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He’s insidious and will get inside your head if you let him: Mister Mind

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Appearances in Heroclix: Wizkids DC 18 (as Skeets), Origin
First Appearance: Captain Marvel Adventures #26 (August 1943)
Team Affiliations: Monster Society of Evil
Created by: Otto Binder and C. C. Beck

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark DC; used under Fair Use


Mister Mind is originally drawn to Earth-Two during World War II by radio broadcasts. His favorite is Edgar Bergen’s dummy Charlie McCarthy. Unfortunately for the planet, when Mister Mind discovers that Charlie is a fiction he decides to conquer the world. He forms the first Monster Society of Evil to help him in this endeavor and recruits Dummy Mister Who, Nyola, Oom the Mighty and Ramulus. The team’s only notable success is in kidnapping Hawkgirl. The other villains quickly turn on Mister Mind and try to kill him, only for him to retreat to his home dimenson of Earth-S.

Mister Mind appears back in Earth-S’s universe in 1846 and spends the next 97 years preparing to conquer Earth. He conquers various planets and recruits armies, alien species and super villains to achieve this goal. He finally begins this plan in 1943 and intends to give Captain Marvel nightmares for the rest of his life. Captain Marvel is able to best all of Mister Mind’s plans, destroy his alien bases, defeat or kill all his henchman and finally capture the alien worm. Mind is tried and executed for killing 186,744 people.

Mister Mind survives his execution by entering suspended animation. Some time later he is about to be stuffed and displayed in a museum only to awaken and hypnotize the taxidermist into creating a duplicate before escaping. Mind seems to return at the same time as his old foe Captain Marvel and the two pick up where they left off. Mister Mind forms a plan, Captain Marvel thwarts it and captures the alien worm. Only for Mister Mind to escape and continue the cycle again.

Post Crisis

Mister Mind hails from the planet Venus, one of a race of million alien worms with mind control powers. Mind is their advance agent to retake the Earth, that they ruled during the Ice Age. Mister Mind arrives during World War II but is captured by heroes of the time before he can enact his plan. He eventually escapes and stows away on the Magellan space probe to return home. He eventually returns to Earth and takes control of Dr. Sivana, for his scientific knowledge and Sinclar Batson for his wealth. Mister Mind is again thwarted by the Marvel Family, as Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel are able to send the rest of Mind’s fellow invaders into space where they freeze. Mister Mind is kept as a prisoner by Sergeant Steel and the Department of Metahuman affairs.

Mind escapes and takes control of Steel, using the robot Mister Atom in a new plan. Mister Atom attacks the home town of Billy and Mary and is able to destroy it along with almost all of its residents. The Marvels travel to Washington, DC to exact revenge from Mister Mind. The Marvels, along with Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan, arrive in time to stop Mister Mind’s plan of initiating a nuclear holocaust.

Dr. Sivana discovers Mister Mind lying in a desert crater and seals the alien in a specimen jar to prevent the diminutive villain from interfering with the doctor’s plans for world domination. Sivan takes Mind back to his lab and bombards him with Suspendium particles, a time-altering element. Sivana is kidnapped by Intergang before his plans could be finished but the exposure begins a transformation in Mister Mind. Mind weaves a cocoon around himself that acts as matter transporter and teleports Mister Mind inside of Skeets, Booster Gold’s robot companion. He uses Skeets as a cradle, allowing him to gestate and grow stronger over the next year.

While he transforms, Mind supplants Skeets’ identity and begins plans to consume the Multiverse. Mind is threatened when he learns that Rip Hunter is aware of his plans and tries to track the hero down. He eventually finds Hunter hiding in the bottle city of Kandor and attacks him. Hunter attempts to send Mister Skeets to the Phantom Zone but the alien has grown too strong and simply eats the pocket dimension.

Once he has grown strong enough, Mind travels to the lab of T.O. Morrow and plans to gain the head of Red Tornado. The head contains a map of the multiverse that the hero made before being partially destroyed. He is confronted there by Hunter and Booster Gold only to emerge from Skeets’ shell and reveal himself as a massive Hyperfly. He tells the heroes that he no longer merely feeds on the brainwaves of individuals but can feed on space-time itself. Booster and Hunter flee back in time to the beginning of the Multiverse with Mind in pursuit. This journey takes them through all 52 universes of the Multiverse, with Mister Mind consuming portions of each universe and drastically altering their histories.

The heroes finally draw Mind back to the lab where they are able to trap him back in Skeets’ shell, which has become lined with Suspendium. Booster throws Mind back through time which reverts him back to his larval form where he lands back in that crater where Dr. Sivana found him. As Dr. Sivana seals him in the specimen jar, Booster and Rip alter time-space to keep Mind trapped there in a time loop.

New 52

Dr. Sivan travels to the Rock of Eternity, desperate to find some help for his family. Sivana comes across a bottle containing Mister Mind and the small creature tells Sivana that they will be the best of friends.

Mister Mind takes up residence in Sivana’s ear and is helping the doctor complete components for a spell. This mind is no longer an alien but a simple book worm from one of the Magiclands. After a childhood of abuse, Mind became determined to break into the Library of Eternity and eventually succeeds, absorbing the knowledge and power of countless spells. Empowered like never before, he returned to his home and took vengeance against all those that he felt wronged him. With his revenge complete, he looks to attack the Council of Eternity. It took the Council’s combined power and the life of Solomon to seal Mind away.

Mind and Sivana travel to the Monsterlands to recruit for their “Monster Society of Evil.” They travel to the Dungeon of Eternity to recruit other beings that challenged the Council of Wizards. Mind also explains that the Monsterlands used to be called the Gods’ Realm until Black Adam betrayed the others. The Wizards then stripped the gods of their powers and closed the doors to the Magiclands. As Sivana frees their allies from the Dungeon of Eternity, Mind takes control of C.C. Batson (Billy’s father) and reveals to Shazam that CC is Mind’s host, not Sivana. Mind plans to use CC to unite the Magiclands under his rule and the Monster Society is released to battle the Shazam family, along with Superboy-Prime.

CC Mind battles Shazam while explaining his plan to the young hero. Sivana summons the Book of Champions and they are able to blackmail Billy into opening the doors to the Magiclands. Shazam then shrinks himself down so that he can travel inside CC’s head to battle Mister Mind. The two begin to battle with magic until Shazam destroys Mind’s talk box which also knocks out most of the Monster Society. Mind is ultimately defeated when Black Adam and Shazam defeat Superboy-Prime and reverse the spell.


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