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The healer and would be destroyer of Mutant Town: Mister M

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Appearances in Heroclix: X of Swords
First Appearance:  District X #2 (2004)
Team Affiliations: N/A
Powers/Abilities: Psionic manipulation of energy and matter on a subatomic level; Energy projection; Telekinesis; Telepathy; Intangibility; Force field generation; Healing factor; Energy manipulation; Superhuman strength
Created by: David Hine and David Yardin

Artwork and character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Little is known of Absolon Zebardyn Mercator before he travels to Mutant Town. He grows up in a small village in Belgium and leaves for the United States when his powers manifested. He travels the country for some time until he stumbles upon Mutant Town and ultimately settles there. He mostly keeps to himself except for making trips to get drunk. At this time he begins referring to himself as Mister M.

The few times he interacts with the members of Mutant Town usually involve him using his powers to help others fix their electronics or heal wounds. After Officer Ismael Ortega’s daughter is shot, Mister M removes the bullet with his powers and seals the wound, thereby saving her life. After seeing a painting of his apparent future, in which he is a destroyer, Mister M embraces this fate. He believe that the only way to save Mutant Town is to destroy it. Both Bishop and Ismael try to stop him but seem to fail as he unleashes his full rage on the city. Standing in the rubble, his neighbor Hanna Levy asks him if he would take it back if he could. He confesses that he would and is shocked as all the damage disappears. Lara the Illusionist is nearby and soon explains that Ismael had asked her to help stop Mister M from doing something he would regret. Mister M commits himself to doing good after this, though he is the target of a few assassination attempts.

Mister M retains his powers after M-Day and visits Hanna in the hospital. She has lost her powers and is constantly attacked by insects due to it, driving her insane. Mister M heals her mind and, at her suggestion, walks to the Xavier Institute.

He walks through the encampment around the school and phases right through the walls the Sentinels had erected. The Sentinels then attack them, but Mister M is able to easily disable them and stop them from stepping on a “very rare caterpillar.” In the first meeting between Cyclops and Mister M, Cyclops comments that the healer must love caterpillars. In a zen like moment, Mr. M comments that he does not care for caterpillars but loves butterflies. Mister M continues to protect and help the 198 mutants at the Institute but the X-Men grow concerned due to the levels of his power.

The concerns are possibly confirmed when he learns of the true purpose of the tracking chips in the mutants. The chips are used to control and incapacitate any mutants that take them. He removes them all and decides to form a new sanctuary where any mutants that want to come are welcome. He leads these mutants, on foot, to an island. Somewhat miraculously, all the mutants are able to walk on water to reach this island. The X-Men arrive and try to talk the mutants into returning to their protection but the situation deteriorates and Mr. M declares that he will protect his fellow mutants from anyone that would harm them.

Johnny Dee later makes a voodoo doll of Leech and Magma, controlling them to kill Mr. M. That night, Loreli and Leech stand guard over Mr. M’s empty coffin but fall asleep. When they awake, they are surrounded by butterflies that follow them as they tell the tale to others. They explain that Mr. M did not want anyone to grieve so he sent them this message: Some things do not die… they evolve.

Unknown to the X-Men, Mister M travels to Otherworld and occupies one of its provinces. He sets himself up as its rule and protector, naming it after himself. During the X of Swords tournament, the Krakoan mutants learn that Mister M is still alive and in this province. Magneto attempts to recruit Mister M for the terraforming of Mars during the Hellfire Gala but Absolon turns him down.

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