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Who the Clix? is a series of articles featuring information on comic book characters that have been made into figures for the popular tabletop game Heroclix. These articles are meant to help Heroclix players learn more about the characters behind their favorite pieces.

He just wants to make his father proud: Frog-Man

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Appearances in Heroclix:  Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing, Superior Foes of Spider-Man
First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #121 (June 1982)
Team Affiliations: Avengers Initiative Action Pack, Misfits
Powers/Abilities:  Frog suit granting: Superhuman strength, agility and leaping; Special impact padding; Ability to bounce off surfaces
Created by:  J. M. DeMatteis – Kerry Gammill

Character is copyright/trademark Marvel; used under Fair Use

Eugene Patilio is born in Brooklyn, NY to engineer Vincent Patilio and Rose Patilio. Rose dies of cancer before Eugene is even a teenager, which is incredibly challenging for Eugene and his father. Eugene’s Aunt Marie, Vincent’s sister, takes on the role of surrogate mother to Eugene and even moves into the home to help. The loss of his wife and mounting debt takes a toll on Vincent, forming him into a very bitter human being. With his experimental technology dismissed by the scientific community, he uses his “leaping coils” to become the villain Leap-Frog.

Leap-Frog is handily defeated by heroes such as Daredevil, Spider-Man and even Iron Man. After being apprehended, prosecuted, and serving a short prison term Vincent is released on parole due to good behavior. He returns home to his sister and son, hoping to turn over a new leaf.

Vincent’s villainy has a deep impact on Eugene, to the point that Eugene decides to use his father’s inventions to act as a superhero. He joins Spider-Man and the Human Torch in apprehending Speed Demon, though Eugene nearly severely injures himself in the process. After the villain is brought to justice, Eugene reveals his identity to the heroes who speak with him and his father. The adults all agree that Eugene should never try heroics again, though the teenager remains determined to redeem his father’s good name.

Eugene’s next adventure involves helping Spider-Man battling a new villain calling herself White Rabbit. Eugene then attempts to join the New Defenders to hopefully gain stronger mentorship. While attempting to speak to Hank McCoy, the New Defenders are attacked by a young villain calling himself the Walrus. Though Frog-Man is able to defeat the Walrus and save the day, his father arrives to drag him off and declare that his son will not be joining the hero team.

Following an attempt by the mutant Toad to become Spider-Man’s sidekick, Frog-Man, Toad and Spider-Kid all form a team called the Misfits that lasts for a brief moment in time. Frog-Man asks to work with Captain America after a chance meeting but the living legend tells him to go home. Frog-Man refuses and stumbles onto a massive scheme by the Yellow Claw, where he is soon captured by the villain. Yellow Claw attempts to use giant mutant frogs to hunt Frog-Man but the young hero is able to form a bond with them and attacks Yellow Claw. As he attacks the villain he is joined by the heroes Spider-Man, Captain America, Angel, Beast, Iceman and the Human Torch (all rallied by Spider-Man after a concerned call from Vincent).

Eugene temporarily retires from heroics after leaving New York City for college. During a visit home, he invites Spider-Man home for dinner where the hero gains a greater appreciation for the family dynamic. The White Rabbit and Walrus call Frog-Man out as White Rabbit considers him their arch-enemy. Spider-Man, Frog-Man and Vincent in a new Leap-Frog suit face and defeat the villains. Eugene is glad to have worked with his father and favorite superhero, before retiring again in order to return to college.

Eugene registers with the Superhero Registration Act and is assigned to the Kentucky Initiative team “Action Pack.” Eugene is on the team for a short time before being kidnapped and replaced with a Skrull. Eugene returns to Earth after the secret invasion is exposed and participates in a support group for Initiative members who had been kidnapped by the Skrulls.

Frog-Man helps Gravity battle Crossbones during the Serpent’s attack on the Earth. During the Spider-Island infestation, he allies with Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and Jessica Jones against a spider-powered Flag-Smasher. Frog-Man is captured to be used in Kraven’s “Great Hunt” but is freed by the Punisher. After this, Eugene is content to become a busboy at Isaac’s Oysters, owned by former Defender the Gargoyle.

Eugene is recruited, along with Gargoyle, to battle Korvac in space. Eugene is killed only to be resurrected by a cosmically empowered Iron Man. Once Korvac is defeated, Eugene returns to his previous life on Earth.

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